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If you own a Can-Am ATV or UTV and your family or friends want to borrow it for a weekend!!! You're probably thinking "oh no" something's going to get wrecked!!! Well I can program spare keys both performance and normal. Just give them the normal gray key so they can only go half speed.

By installing a double foam air filter and purchasing an air filter care kit, you can simply clean and reuse your air filter and not have to buy new ones every time. These are the only air filters I install on customer machines.

2015 can am maverick 1000. I am replacing the drive belt because it is shredded. Using your high and low speeds correctly and do not leave it in gear at idle will help save the belt.

Arctic Cat F8 F1100 x F800 vent kits to cool clutches for longer belt life.

Don't engage AWD when moving. It will damage cage in front gear case.

Make sure to clean power valves out on your snowmobile. If you're losing top end speed it's probably because valves are dirty.

Ethanol fuel plugs the carburetor - do not run it.

Run machines periodically so mice don't nest in the engine.

This is what happens to ATV's & UTV's when you have dirt or debris in gas tank it will ruin a fuel pump/ pressure regulator on efi systems.

Get the chain case fluid checked on your snowmobile. Your fluid could be like this.

If you're ATV has a recoil make sure to see it down when not using otherwise water will get inside and contaminate starter and stator.

If you run your ATV underwater make sure to check your gear case fluids if not it will take out bearings and gears.

Crank seal on magneto side went out causing cylinder to run lean and making piston melt to cylinder.